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1. Cat with bloody urine, straining to urinate

We have a male cat 8 years old, never a health problem until now. He has had blood in his urine, and now urinates only in very small amounts although he tries repeatedly. We have had blood work and urine testing with no negative results done. X-ray showed no blockage. He is presently on antibiotics and now prednisone. He has been hydrated twice and given steriod shots. The blood in his urine is gone. He just can't urinate properly. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Forgot to mention the cat is very lethargic since starting the prednisone.

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2. Chihuahua urinating in the house

I just adopted a 7 year old long hair chihuahua, I was told he was house broke but am finding he is not. What can I do??????????

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3. Dog is peeing (urinating) a lot , drinking more water

My dog is a whole pure breed lab. He isn't fix as i am going to breed him down the line. He pees a lot but drinks water a lot as well. Not over the amount but does have a nice amount of water. The temp has been going up and down a lot we came from Florida, but we now live in Chicago. was wondering if the weather changes are affecting him at all. As to the peeing a lot.He pees a lot more when people come in and out of the house as well but he can go all night long till the am and doesn't have to go out till the am. could it be from the weather and him not being fixed? Thanks a lot for any advise you can give me

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4. Cat peeing on bed, inappropriate urination

We got our cat. Her name is Molly. The dog and her get along great. But I have another problem. She has been peeing on my bed. So far twice. Is there a way to make her stop peeing on my bed, and let her stay in my room? What do I do?

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5. Leaking urine while sleeping...urinary incontinence?

Hi my dog is about 9 years old and recently in the evening when she is laying down i have been finding little wet spots from her ,abviously pee she doesnt seem to be in any pain or even notice she does it but i was concerned is it just cause she is getting old or something i should be conserned about , i dont have a lot of money but i will take her to a vet if she needs it , thanks

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6. My dog is peeing a lot, drinking more water

My dog is a whote pure breed lab. He isnt fix as i am going to breed him down the line. He pees alot but drinks water alot as well. Not over the amount but does have a nice amount of water. The temp has been going up and down alot we came from Florida, but we now live in Chicago. was wondering if the weather changes are affecting him at all. As to the peeing alot.He pees alot more when people come in and out of the house as well but he can go all night long till the am and doesnt have to go out till the am. could it be from the weather and him not being fixed? Thanks alot for any advise you can give me

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7. Is my dog urinating often enough?

We picked up a stray mixed-breed dog a few days ago. We took her to the vet yesterday to get her checked up and make sure she was okay. She was given prednisone for flea allergies and we were told she would pee a lot, but in the two days we've had her she's only peed twice. Is there something wrong with her?

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8. Inappropriate Urination - Cats peeing on the carpet!

I have three cats,all adult cats. I have been finding cat urine spots on the carpet.I keep their litter box clean.They are all indoor cats. Is there a way to stop this. And is there a way to eliminate the smell.

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9. Contact Dermatitis - itchy skin due to allergies

I am returning to ask your help for our Pug, Molly.
This sweet black Pug has had two bouts this summer of contact dermititis which causes her great discomfort as well as severe sensitivity to grass; (one in June and the other one a few days ago)......she won't go ON it, near it, much less USE it for bathroom purposes. She will hold it and sometime when we aren't watching her, she'll go into the kitchen and relieve herself, or if she's really "full" when we are walking our other Pug, she will "let go"....but it's a chore to get her to do it.
I have found the oatmeal/aloe bath and tee-tree oil/aloe/purified water "hot spot" spray has worked well for the itching and discomfort, but the paws and going outside??
We got some bag balm (supposedly works like liquid nails) to help the sensitivity, but nope...it doesn't work.

What advice can you offer to get her to go back ON the grass/pine straw....and use the bathroom like she can and does when these "spells" aren't bothering her?

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10. Bloody urine, accidents in the house

hi..my cat hasnt been using his litter box lately,,and tonight he peed in a garbage bag, and it had blood mixed with his urin..im worried. thanks

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11. Missing the litter box? Or is something wrong?

My 2yr.old cat started pooping on the floor. He would run around furiously while dropping poop. We have 2 cats,2 litter boxes, This was a couple of weeks ago. He stopped doing it for a couple of days, now he's at it again but also peeing. I took him to the vet just prior to these problems because he was throwing up but there was nothing wrong.I don't know what to do, the litter boxes are always clean. Thanks, Dana

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12. Urinating in the house and when excited

We adopted a stray a few months ago. Here lately he has been peeing in the house...which never use to happen. He'll do it when we play w/ him inside or outside...he will even pee on us while we are playing. It's like he gets too exicted and has to. His pee has a much more strong odor than our other dog. Could there be something else wrong?

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13. Marking territory or having accidents in the house?


We just took in two small dogs recently (a cairn terrier and bichon frise). They are both 2+ yrs old and close companions. They were crated in their last home, but have not been in our new home over the past 5-6 wks. Over time, we noticed that they started pooping/peeing more and more around the house. We've been traveling a little more than usual as well, and after leaving them with friends on a few occasions they just started marking their territory and pooping all over the place (and just did the same in our house last night). They seem to be acting out and possibly having dietary issues as well (since we started giving them a little bit of new food recently). The terrier threw up while at our friends and there was some grass evidently in his stomach. We noticed that he had eaten a little grass when we took him outside, but did not think that it was enough to get him sick. We always told him to stop as soon as we noticed him eating grass.

We also started feeding them once a day, vs twice a day, since we're gone all day and have not had someone to let them out in the middle of the day.

Do you have any recommendations? We are taking them to a vet for shots and a general look over this week and will ask some more questions then as well. We want to assure that we're doing the right thing for our pooches and not neglecting them in any way.

Finally, do you have any advice on crating?

Thanks for your time!

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14. Urination accidents in the house

Our 14 year old Miniture Schnauzer has been drinking alot of water (more then normal). And he can not hold his pee. This does not happen all the time but it has been happening more frequently. We go to let him outside and before he can get to the door he has peed. Or we can be in the kitchen and turn around & he has peed. And there is alot of pee. We have been to our vet and they have done blood and urine tests for cancer,diebities,theroid and other things. And everything turned out good. Last Sunday we started him on Proin but it does not seem like it has helped yet. We need some help and so does he.

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15. Lethargic dog, not eating and now having urination accidents in the house

my dog is an 8-year old westie, and has been a fairly healthy one before this past week. lately, he's been extremely lethargic, not eating or drinking, and he's peed in the house (something he's NEVER EVER done before), just wondering what you may think is wrong?

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16. Diet options for a cat with urination and gastrointestial issues

Hi Dr. Spohn-

I have an 11 year old cat that has both irritable bowel syndrome and urinary blockage.

He is presently being treated with "depo" shots very infrequently for the irritable bowel syndrome. He seldom has bouts of vomiting lately.

For his urinary problems, he is being fed Hills Prescription Diet CD dry food. He doesn't care fot the CD canned food. I am also giving him Uroeze 400; presently on Merrick food (as an attempt to get him to eat it.)

The problem is he no longer seems to want the Uroeze. I've tried putting it in baby food, canned cat food, sprinkling it on his CD dry food.

He used to have a voracious appetite and would eat whatever he was given. We had to have another cat put to sleep last summer. It seems since then (or maybe it's just coincidence) he's become very finicky.

It seems to me that since he's not getting much of the Uroeze, he isn't drinking as much water, isn't peeing as much and is a bit constipated. I'm also giving him CatLax for hairballs to ease the constipation.

I've tried to speak with my veterinarian. He says just leave the Uroeze on his food until he eats it. I would like to take him off the special diet and the Uroeze all together and, if necessary, try something holistic.

What are your thoughts?

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17. My dog is peeing everywhere!

My 7 year old box terrier has started to pee loads inside and outside the house and it smells strong whats wrong with her?

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18. Peeing in the house

My 3 year old dog is peeing a lot more at night. In the last week i have had to change his pee pad everyday. He never used the bathroom in the house.

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19. Abnormal urine in a dog

Why is my dog peeing very thick pee instead of liquid pee?

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20. My male dog is marking in the house!

I have a 17 month old male bichon, neutered stray. I have three female bichons well potty trained. he decides when he wants to urinate specially when I am not around. He goes to my parlor all the time. What do I do. I have seen vet for uti, disciplined him when I catch him in the act. I am frustrated.

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21. My dog is drinking and urinating more often - he can't hold it anymore!

My dog is a full blooded australian shepherd. He is having trouble right now with peeing alot. He has always been normal with his peeing but lately he has been going alot more than usuall. I have noticed that his pee is usually yellow and has a strong oder and he has been that way since he was a puppy but lately he has been drinking a whole lot more and his pee is completely clear and has no oder. I don't think he has an infection but he has been needing to go a whole lot more. He is starting to pee in the house cause he can't hold it and when he does go its a very long pee. What do you think might be his problem?

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22. Could my dog have a UTI?

my long-haired chihuahua has recently appears to be having a difficult time urinating and I noticed blood in her urine. She was spayed several years ago so she is not going into heat. She also has been urinating in the house in which she did not ever do before, a lot. Could this be a bladder infection?

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23. Frequent urination after getting neutered

Last month,I took in a one year old stray dog. I had him neutered three weeks ago.When I go to work, I have him crated. When I'm home, he's with me. At first, he seemed to be getting the hang of urinating outside. Now he seems to be getting worse. he doesn't seem to be drinking more water than usual.He urinated in his crate today. I walked him two hours before. He's urinating frequently. He urinated on my bed today too. He also pooped in my bedroom last night. He finished with his antibiotics on 10/27/10,for getting neutered.Can you help me? Thank you.

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24. Neutered dog now peeing in the house

My male neuterd 1 year old Bishon is peeing in the house. Alot!! I am ready to give him away! I had him to the Vet 3 weeks ago. He diddn't take a sample just put him on an antibiotic for 2 weeks.He is also every time you pick him up and put him down goes to look, sniff or lick his penis!! I have an Autistic son and can't afford all the Dr. bills plus the messes. HELP!!!!!! Also after he was neuterd he got infected and was on an antibiotic that was at least 6 months ago.

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25. Prednisone is making my dog drink and urinate like crazy!

My 8yo boxer is on prednisone and she is drinking an excessive amount of water and she been having several accidents in the house. Is there anything i can give her so she isn't thirsty so much. She is on the steriod for another 3 weeks.

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26. Urinating a lot and acting strange

My dog is a 3 year old dachshund and she is usually active and loves to play but yesterday she started drinking lots of water and not eating she is peeing everywhere and last night she woke me up every hour to go outside but that is not normal and today she slept in my room all day which is also not normal usually she has to be on me at all times but it seems like she just wants to be left alone i dont know whats going on with her she is not acting normal please help.

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27. Cat with urination problems

We have a 3 year old cat and she has recently been weeing a lot sometimes she wees on our bed or sofa, she uses the cat litter but gets very fussy and starts digging a lot, she normally goes in and out of her tray every 20 minutes or half an hour. We took her to the vets and he said it could be a urine infection and he gave antibiotic injections, she was okay for a while after but now she has started again and this morning she was sick, I don't know if it's connected or not but we are getting quite worried. We are sending in a urine sample on Monday and are hoping it's nothing serious. could you advise us on anything else it could possibly be?
Thank you in advance.

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28. My cat was prescribed a special diet. Does she need to eat this forever?

cat had crystals in har urine 2 years ago.she has been royal canin urinary s/o. can she come off this food or does she have to br on this for ever

thank you

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29. My dog is drinking and urinating more often...now having accidents in her sleep

My dog has started drinking more often, urinating more often, and has a new onset of wetting the bed. I was curious to see if you may be able to give me some insight as to what the problem might be. My dog is approx. 8 years old with no new food changes, changes in location, etc.

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30. House training a puppy and making sure he is healthy

My 8 month old puppy is rarely drinking water but still peeing loads!! Sometimes he'll go hours without urinating then other times I can take him out for 2 hours then 20minutes after coming home he'll pee in my flat. I don't understand how he can wee so much when he's not consuming and fluid!? Sometimes ill mix some water with milk so he's actually gettin some fluids and he will drink that fine! He eats fine aswel and has a lot of energy could this be a urine infection?

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31. My older dog is having accidents in the house...how do we fix this?

I have a 15 yr.old Bichon who is peeing around the house even though I am at home and let her our often. It seems as though it is a behavioral problem, like spite, because she has been tested for everything and she's normal. What can we do about this? It's ruining our relationship with her. We feel we may have spoiled her and now it's coming back to haunt us!

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32. Are puppies supposed to drink often and urinate often?

i have a puppy that is 5 mos and he drinks alot and pee alot. he is a german sheperd. why would he be doing that

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33. My dog won't eat and is urinating less, please advise!

My dog is drinking but not eating or urinating what can be the problem.

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34. Recurrent symptoms in a cat - what else could be going on?

I recently took my cat to the vet for a urinary track infection. She recovered and was fine for a few weeks. She now has some of the similar signs (minus the blood in her urine). She is acting very lethargic. She isn't eating much but continues to drink an abnormal amount of water for a cat (has always done this). She lost a lot of weight when she was sick the first time and has gained some of it back but not all of it. Would you recommend a blood test to see if she possibly has diabetes? Do you think it could be something worse?

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35. Change in drinking habits, urination habits - is this an infection?

I have a female English Springer Spaniel. She is almost 7 years old. I have noticed her drinking a lot of water lately, more than usual. Now yesterday, she had two accidents peeing in the house. Could this be an UTI? Does that explain the excessive drinking or is it something else?

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36. Geriatric dog drinking and urinating a lot, now having accidents in the house

My mom has a Miniature Schnauzer who will soon be turning 9. The last few weeks he has been drinking A LOT of water. Going through 4-6 bowls a day, where normally he would go through 2 tops [including through the night]. Now, in the last week or so he's started peeing inside at night. Twice in my room now, and a third time at a friend's how my mom took him too. My boyfriend and I moved back about two months ago after having been gone for a year and a half but I don't think it has anything to do with that since this only started recently. He hasn't been acting any differently aside from these two behaviors. The excess drinking and now peeing inside at night occasionally.

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37. Vomiting dog now having urination accidents in the house

Our 5 year old miniature schnauzer was not feeling well last week. He had some raw carrots that he immediately threw up. He's had carrots before with no problems. For 2 to three days after he was still throwing up a few times a day, along with diarrhea. He has since stopped vomiting and has normal bowel movements but has begun drinking excessively and has begun urinating in the house. (We rescued him when he was 8 months old and was completely trained and has never urinated in the house before) I will be contacting our vet tomorrow but was hoping for some advice as to what we should do in the meantime. Thank you!

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38. My puppy is urinating quite often...is this normal?

my 3mth old rotti puppy keeps peeing every 5-10 mins. everywhere, and its only a very little bit. sheis not drinking that much water either. what should i do, is this normal?

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39. Labrador mix urinating in the house and not eating well

i've had a 2 year old lab-pit mix for about 6 months. she was abused by her last owner but is now treated very well and has adjusted for the most part. she has never had an accident in the house since we've had her but all of a sudden, she has stopped eating her food and peed in the house twice today. the second time was right in front of me and she usually alerts me when she needs to go. we were outside, and she peed 4 times in 2 hours and i found it strange. any thoughts?

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40. Sick cat with severe weight loss - not eating and is having urination accidents outside the box

Hi. I have a 9 yr old female cat. She's a rescue kitty and we've never had any problems with her before now. In August of 2010, she started having problems going to the bathroom. She knew where her box was, but refuse to enter it (box is cleaned every morning). Then she developed a sore by her anus, which was leaking. We took care of it, and it healed. However, in late March of 2011, the sore came back and she started peeing on stuff (chairs, bed, us). So, we took her to the vet to be put down, but decided to ask for a second opinion. The vet said she had anal sac problems, where they were backing up onto the skin and gave her shot. He said she would be doing better in few weeks. She's not. Now, she's not eating or drinking (unless I'm giving her the food or coaching her to drink), and she won't even go near the kitty boxes (still being cleaned every morning). She went from weighing 14lbs in April (when we took her to the vet) to being nothing but skin and bones now. I'm the only one who can pick her up, but its like she does't even know who I am anymore. I've tried everything I can think of to do. I don't scold her when she does it, because I don't think she's realizing what she's doing. And I keep finding her in the shower...

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41. We have done every test and our dog is still drinking and urinating a lot!

My dog is a 4 year old Bichon (believe to be purebred). He has been drinking about a gallon of water a day and peeing once or twice during the night. We have had blood work done and urinalysis and nothing comes back out of the ordinary. He has also been less active and seems to be more warn out when we get back from a walk. We just had him tested fro Cushings and it came back negative. We have spent thousands of dollars on tests and we aren't seeming to get anywhere. He doesn't have diabetes. The one vet advised doing a scan (can't remember what it is called) which is going to cost around $1200. He weighs about 16kg, the vet says maybe 2 kg overweight. Yet we feed him the right amount of food and only a treat or two during the day. The other night he was outside and started yelping and then standing with his legs spread in the kitchen. We took him to the vet but they didn't really offer any answers as to why he would have been doing that. Does anything seem to pop out or can you offer any advise.
Thank you so much!

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42. 7 yr old dog is drinking more and urinating more

My 7 yr old pug/russel just recently started peeing on my bed and is drinking lots moore water than normal. Any advise?

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